Giorgio Biscaro

A little back I got an email from Giorgio Biscaro, who had got some of his products published by Slide Design and Bosa Cermiche, at to Salone Satellite of Milan this year. He was one of the few Italians that actually exhibits at salone and his work range from organic to sharp and edgy. Take a look!

Over you see Cobu at the top and Metamerick under. Cobu is a suspension light in cork and glass, and Metamerick A versatile table. It's composed by trapezoidal modules you can assembly in two different ways to create not only linear tables. The modules can also work as a lighting module or storage module, or whatever. ( personally I really likes this table!)

Lamp for Bosa Ceramiche, the lamp is created by using the natural characteristic of ceramics to resist heat.

Muscle- A wardrobe without doors.

Untwoo- A modular room divider

Atlas- a rotational moulded bench designed for Slide Design, intended for indoor as well as outdoor use.

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