Street art= sweet art

I'm obviously in a "street-art"-mode these days, and that is probably linked to this street-art meeting at my school last wednesday, with the Milan based design agency Art Kitchen, where they presented the different personalities of the group, and their relationship to art/grafitti/poetry. And that was the main part of the discussion- did they consider themselfs artists or poets?

Art Kitchen’s Artists
- Ivan, street poetry
- Nais, street artist
- TvBoy, pop artist
- Int55, writing
- Jacopo Perfetti, photographer & curator
- Spazio Petardo, dj / vj set

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LogiK said...
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Julia Edin said...

I love it! Having lived in Milan for almost 4 years I’ve seen these “art-work” around. Specially the text “ chi getta semi al´ vento fara´ fiorire il cielo” witch means “ those who throws seeds in the wind, makes the sky bloom”. If that’s not poetry I don’t know…

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