Sony- poetry in commercials

Commercials can be everything from just really bad to funny, nice, sweet and amazing. Sony´s commercials have more than one time made me stop and have a closer look. To me this is the closest things we get to poetry in commercial. Last year I got stunned by Sony´s Bravia commercial with thousands of balls jumping down the hills of San Francisco. Then there was the new Bravia add, with play doh bunnies running around NY. Both commercials with the same pay-off at the end: “ color like no other”. Now they have done it again and filled Miami with foam! Take a look at the pictures and press more to see all of the commercials!




UPS... i forgot this last one, the PAINT that explodes over Glascow!

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Natalie said...

I really love them!! Get goosebumbs everytime... Wasen't it sony that had the color-bomb-exploding thing on that building, also? That was spectacular also.
...I have problems excepting that these films are real though, anybody know if they are? They seem soo real, but don't you think the bouncing balls would be pretty destructive at the end of the hill, making bumps on cars and maybe hitting someone in the head? Or the foam thing- somebody got sufficated and sued the company or something? I mean- it's the USA isn't it?:)

LogiK said...

That is the whole beauty of it, it is all 100% real.
They have made a "making of" of each commercial, should find them on youtube, they bought up allmost every bounching ball in the state, completely drenched a whole neighborhood in Glasgow in paint(if i remember rigt) drowned Miami in foam and made the bunnies stopmotion with hundreds of clay-bunnies and polisterolo sculptures
please add the paint ad, to close the collection

Julia Edin said...
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Julia Edin said...

Ups sorry guys but i had completley forgotten about that last one. Thanks for reminding me, its now been added!

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