Marie Louise Gustafsson

Marie Louise Gustafsson is a swedish designer with a different point of view on things you can say... Her designs are fun and playful, and she uses everyday objects in a new way, a way that you maybe didn't expect. Like this "Table of Trash"; a desk literally throwing itself into the waste basket. She says: "I like the idea of visualizing the cycle of trash and the possibility reusing trash in a constructive way". (...)

SLACKER CHAIR: ‘Slacker’ adds a new flexible sitting experience as its users have to find their own sitting position.

MOBILE BATHTUB: Let your senses guide you: have a bath in front of the open fire, your favourite film or anywhere in nature, daytime or moonlight! The project questions the location and personal value of the bathtub. Artwork by Norwegian artist Elin Melberg,

MOP FLIP FLOP: A fun way to clean!

(Information about the products found on Marie Louise Gustafssons website)

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