La cassa della sposa

During salone del mobile, 8 designers met to work on a project called “la cassa della sposa” or as it would be translated in English: “the Bridal Box”. It is, if I have understood it right, an old traditional object that Italians used to put their most memorable objects from their wedding and marriage into, so that hey could be kept and remembered (....)

The 8 designers working on a modern version of this wedding-box were; Andrea and Nicoletta Branzi, Martino Gamper, Alessandro Guerriero, Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, Giulio Iacchetti and Alfredo Häberli, InteractionDesignLab, and Pascal Tarabay. Their work were all presented in an exhibitoion curated by Massimo Martignoni, at my old school, NABA in Milano. Here you can see some pictures of the result from Interactiondesign-lab...

This is not only a storage for memorable objects, but also a storage for recorded-sounds with the integrated loudspeaker.

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