Want to work as a developer for ANTI ?

I’ve written about Anti design agency several times here on Playmedesign, and its time to do it again. Why? One reason is that one of my best friends work there (say hello to the world Tine) another reason is that I think they are brilliant in what they do, and I believe there are few others on the same level when it comes to graphic design in Norway. Now Anti is looking for a new developer, and they have sent me the job description among with some of their recent work (witch i will post in several posts in the next days). So if you want to work for one of Oslo’s coolest design agency, be sure to continue reading after the jump!!

ANTI frontend developer
Full employment and freelancers wanted

Anti is searching for the best frontend skills out there.
You do not need any explanation for these few keywords; object oriented AS3, XHTML, CSS and Ajax (jQuery).
If you know your way around iPhone app development that is a big bonus.
Your solutions render pixel perfect designs and you have experience from a design focused environment.

What else?
You must be self managed but love working in teams.
You must interact with clients and co workers in a professional way.
You must know how to write white papers.
You must have the drive to interfere with the established.

If this fits your skills, please contact kenneth@anti.as
Please also provide links to your proudest moments of development.

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