Andrea della Vecchia is the guy behind Designaddicted and he certainly has a surprisingly bizarre and blasphemic sense of humour to be an Italian. Few of my Italian friends can joke about the catholic religion or the common use of cocaine in Milan these days, but Della Vecchia speaks his opinion through objects like the BLACK & WHITE table that is perfect for cocaine sniffing, and BODY & BLOOD the portable holy communion for everyone is addicted to catholic religion.

BLACK&WHITE The table that puts you on the line
"The table’s height permits a comfortable and functional position for the ritual. The surface is black so that the dose is clearly outlined avoiding any possible waste. The milling on crystal surface favours addiction ergonomics being a measuring and containing tool of the perfect dose.
The fan under the table’s surface is designed to house a credit card."

On top/first page:
BODY & BLOOD Jesus Christ take away!
This is a crossing point between tradition and innovation, it is the daily dose of catholic addicted. God is everywhere, even in your pocket.BODY & BLOOD is the portable holy communion for everyone is addicted to catholic religion.
The kit includes the body of Christ, the host, his Blood and a wine sweet.

FAMINE The cluttery set that hate food
The fork’s short tips force the eater to take food little by little. Their shape recalls that of anorexic girl’s ribs. The short knife can only cut small quantities of food and reminds the shape of a surgery scalpel because eating is a dangerous practice. Spoon’s cavity is very small, it can take only a few piece of food and his morphology refers to the image of a flat abdomen.

SA-DOO A pleasure into another.
This is the perfect matrioska for sex addicted.
Their need is to feel sexual pleasure. SA-DOO mix the symbol of russian trdition with phallic shape and dildo function. Matrioska becomes a mean for a sexual practice that gives more pleasures, one in the other. This pleasure can be taken alone or shared with a partner or a group of friends.
SA-DOO’ s dildos - matrioska get bigger, in order to try every king of pleasure, from soft stimulation, to violent penetration.

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