You really don’t need that many reasons to party, but last night ANTI design agency had several… They are a new design studio, with a new location in a really nice space, and they are launching the new jeans concept; Anti Sweden. No need to say the party was off the roof, when the creative’s of Oslo came together to celebrate. Here are some pictures of the new Anti profile as well as the hot, new jeans!

Anti Sweden jeans is a declaration of war to Swedish brands like Acne og Cheap Monday. The design is strongly inspired by black metal, and has some hard core illustrations form Justin Bartlett inside. The first model is called 666 and has a cross up side down in the logo!

The brand new Anti logo.Anti is a multi-disciplinary design agency who works with brand identity, art direction, packaging, print, illustration and interactive design.

Buisness cards.

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rodkoerner said...

Please make them available online NOW!

No, honestly: It's about time to spread the ANTI brand. Its a simple as pi. Unfortunately, by creating an ANTI brand, you're doing the same like what you're revolting against.

I still think its a good idea and want some...

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