Enso- the modern moka tea pot

I do love a good cup of tea and therefore I found it interesting to see how such an ancient drink adapt to new designs. Or vice versa. One example is this modern moka tea pot, Enso made by Jeff Engelhardt. Making an espresso you heat up water so that the steam rises, passes through the filter with the coffee and becomes a flavourful drink. So why not apply the same technique to tea? After all the riches flavours and nutrition’s are in the steam. I must say I am curious to see how the design functions in real life, heating it up, cleaning it and so on… but overall it looks like an elegant design that has maintained a perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.

Via Yanko design

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swag said...

Actually, espresso is not made with steam. It's made with hot water at about 205℉ -- below the boiling point.

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