The Weird and Wonderful Guides from Le Cool

Like to travel? Like design? Well now there’s a book that can combine those two passions for you. The cool and creative Le Cool Publishing is out with a series of 4 new guidebooks with a simple concept: 4 cities are being presented by 4 designers. Although Le cool claims that they don't care about the hippest or the latest, I think its safe to say that these books are the hippest and most interesting guidebooks I’ve ever seen! Press more to take a look at the 4 different books about London, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Madrid here.

A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Amsterdam
Designed by Lava
It tells the story of a Dutch city filled with energy and creativity. Edited by Anneloes Van Gaalen, it shows an Amsterdam away from the tourists and dope smokers, filled with secrets that will amaze the most dedicated Amsterdammers.

A Weird and Wonderful Guide to London
Designed by Jeremy Leslie at John Brown, A Weird and Wonderful Guide to London is the gateway to a city of freaks and wonders, of the kind you hear whispered about in dark corners, but were never quite sure existed

A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Barcelona
Designed by Feriche Black and edited by Andrew Losowsky, it reveals a hidden Barcelona, in a completely original way.

A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Lisobon
Designed by Silva Designers, A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Lisbon shows you that beneath the city’s calm façade beats a lively heart that loves to show off its magic.

A Weird and Wonderful Guide to Madrid.
I whis I could say something about this book as well, but the info was only in Spanish… but at least I can tell you it was designed by Murray!

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