Paranoia tee-prints

Today I have been helping out a good friend of mine, Tine Moe, to take some pictures for her thesis project. Under the name of Paranoia design, she has made a series of 20 t-shirt prints, some of them witch we have photographed today. Although they are t-shirts we wanted to demonstrate our love for the design by wearing them out in the freezing snow, and in a cold and dark cellar… so check it out and leave a comment with your opinion!

Photography, artdirection, styling by Julia Edin and Tine Moe

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Anonymous said...

Woa heyya hoe miss moe
Diss looks a nice Tskirts, prrr babys yeah

Natalie said...

Flink flink, Tine!! Ser bra ut:)

Anonymous said...

really really cool ay! really really really love the one with the yellow tights and yellow spotted raincoat? I miss my scandinavia, silly hot Australia :(

Keep up the good work, and good work on braving the cold, really made the shots!

Doublecloth said...

I love the photos of Julia Edin. Sometimes the simple things are the most beautiful.

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