Sugar Danger

I’ve discovered this really great packaging blog, called UQAM. It’s written by Sylvain Allard who is a teacher at UQAM, Ecole de design. He writes about his students works, and one of them being this really nice project about sugar. A part from tobacco, there are few product that have regulations to warn people about the potential danger of the content. Student Sybile Arien wanted to do something about that, and developed a sugar packaging where sugar associated diseases were printed in white on the bag making them legible only as the sugar level would lower revealing progressively the words. The faster you consume sugar, the sooner you get informed. Great work!

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shiidii said...

The design flaw being that you must inform a person of the dangers BEFORE they proceed to consume the sugar.
It's like a cigarette packet which has a health warning on the inside bottom of the packet. Kind of makes it redundant.

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