Curly lamps from Dima Loginoff

Not too long ago I wrote about “trunk” lamps by Dima Loginoff. Now the Russian designer has more lightning designs to show us… he has made 4 different lamps with more or less the same expression. They all play with a curly effect of something draping around the light, making it look like someone have cut out slices of the lamp shade. Unfortunately none of them have yet been commercially produced, but I keep my fingers crossed.

Amourette Lamp

Miami Lamp

Andrew Lamp

Curl my light

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Bara said...

love the lamps...interesting use of materials, and like that leaving spaces in between you create interesting shadows...Nice!

Julia said...

i know, and i also adore the way he always manage to create elegant siluetts at the same time as he is playful. Its almost like you can immagine the first drawing of his lamp actually becoming the final result.... (dont know if that made any sence to you, but.... yea)

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