Modern pet furniture’s that will make you jealous!

I do love animals but I don’t love it when they get treated as fashions accessories. So this might be a little over the top even for me but I still thought I had to show it to you. With help from designer Jed Crystal, Hepper have made these modern pet furniture’s. They can offer design-furniture’s for cats, dogs and birds, and the best thing about it its that it actually will look really great in your living room! Heppers goal is to make pet furniture’s that will make you jealous, and I must say that cat-bed looks really comfortable…

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Hepper said...

Hey Julia, thanks for the post! I have to agree - there's nothing worse than a little dressed-up dog getting hauled around like a new piece of jewelry. I'd like to think that our products are accessories for your home - a way to give a functional product that is built with pets' needs in mind, but that also looks great!
So many people don't have pets because they are worried about what their home will look like, and they don't know what they're missing!

Julia said...

Hey, so cool that you read this!
I absolutly agree with you, I have a cat my self and I am sure she would love to have her own little design-furniture! Great work! :)

Ethan Smith said...

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