Malin Baumann

It feels like yesterday I was sitting at a rooftop in Milan with a good friend, Malin Bauman, sewing the jacket for her and Tetsuhiro Koyanagi´s wedding. Now the two of them have moved to Japan and formed the design studio: ShowStudio Malin Baumann. Making art, ties, buttons, cloths and other amazing stuff they are easy to recognize with strong patterns, and clean lines.

The patterns clearly inspired from their international background, she is Swedish, he is Japanese, both of them lived and studied in Milan, Italy, and this makes a perfect blend of a strong minimalistic style.

"Scriptions- the collection", handmade badges and panels that are upholstred with screen printed fabric.

"Recycle Patterns" ties and badges. Placing patterns in new enviroments or situations.

"T-shirt shirts" one unique set includes:
1 t-shirt shirt, 1 tie and 1 pocket square.

LIKE IT? well you can buy Malins stuff online at

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