Designing temporary body art

Body art can be defined as the decoration of the naked human body and for some designers this has been a source of inspiration. To get a tattoo is a big deal and it will stay with you for the rest of your life, but what about temporary prints on our bodies? A couple of months ago we could see the stunning work of Ninette van Kamp, who explored the conflicting relationship between pain and beauty through the medium of textiles. Now Jenny Pokryvailo follows up with a longue chair based on the same idea…take a look!

Throughout history women has been willing to suffer for the sake of beauty. Ninette van Kamp is interested in conveying this relationship through textiles, looking at seams and mark makings on the body in particular. This sexy lingerie is called “Suffer for me"

Pool party chaise longue from Israeli designer Jenny Pokryvailo. The chaise longue has a extruded pattern that leaves a tattoo print over your body …

Via The trendy girl

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