Cheap and Creative!

New York times recently had an article called “On the cheap, Thinking like a student” where they showed us some creative ways to put together cheap and alternative materials to create great looking places and objects. Over you can see how Ms. Brumder has used drawers found on the street to make a practical wall mounting to store stuff in, and by pressing more you can see some of my personal favourites! (but I recommend you take a look at the hole Slide-show too!)

Wall decoration made of plastic foam vegetable trays by Ms. Nicholls

Why buy a bed frame when you can make out of stacked honeycomb cardboard, like
Galen Wolfe-Pauly?

The light bulb- icon represent a good idea, and that’s exactly what Lauren Chapman had when she turned old light bulbs into candleholders.

And why not turn ugly grocery bags into a beautifull chandlier? Made by Tyler Velten.

A diagonal bookshelfe made out of wood found on the street by Michelle Nicholls

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