The modern rocking chair

I am a strong believer in the fact that a design object is not always a shiny, fresh and super expensive object, but that it could also be an everyday product that we all use and have in our homes. I have already written about cloth-pegs, and now its time for the rocking chair. I recently found an old rocking chair, stashed away under our summerhouse, and thought I should restore it. To do that I needed some inspiration and made a small research on new designs of the old and loved chair, that you can see here…

I believe that the rocking chair has sentimental value to many of us, and it is therefore an even more interesting product to redesign. How can you take such a traditional form and transform it into something new? Something that hopefully will create a new sentimental value for our generations and the generations to come…?

Here are some designers who have tried to do just that:
Top of first page: Rocking wheel by Mathias Koehler

Voido rocking chair by Ron Arad

Coromandel by David Trubridge

Futuristic Morphogenesis Lounge Rocking Chair by Timoty Schreiber

Leaf by Lime Studio

CNC adjustable Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair by Frederica Stingray

I don’t know how my “make-over” of the rocking chair will be but I promise to keep you updated!

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