Personal typographies from Lotte Grønneberg

Lotte Grønneberg. A name you all should remember. Not only is she an incredible person, but also an incredibly talented graphic designer and illustrator. She has made some really nice typographies and I want to show you 3 of them. (I recommend that you click on the pictures to see them in large) All 3 alphabets are made using herself as a starting-point. The first is made of lines from point to point, only that the points are in fact Lottes own freckles! (…)Photobucket

Lotte is a Mac-geek like me, and the second alphabet is made based on the grid from the keyboard of her Mac.

Lotte lives in a Norwegian town called Bergen, and the third alphabet is therefore cut-outs from the map of Bergen.

I really love Lottes approach to graphic design, so I’ll try to squeeze some more info out of her and post more of her work here in the future!

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