Greece is for lovers

The other day, I discovered a design group called Greek is for lovers, and they had some fun stuff on their site. But the one thing that really interested me was their comment on the home page: "Greek is for sure isn’t for hard workers! We are superb dancers, we soak up the sun and we live by the beach; we indulge in huge meals and smash the plates afterwards; We chat up tourists after our long midday siestas. But in our free time, we love designing objects." What a great introduction. And what a great name... They're obviously influenced by the ancient greeks, too- check it out;)

Separating butts from ash.
A ceramic ashtray-flowerpot that combines two favorite Greek pastimes: smoking and plant-keeping.
Feel free, the plant can take it.

If my grandma had an ipod it would definitely look like this.
A hand-knitted sleeve to soften up those hard tunes you love blasting on your ipod.
Machine washable, it comes in three colours.

You wanna feel a bit like King Nero and burn down some ancient stuff?
Our set of candles will help you do just that, in great style.
Who is going down in flames first?
Hermes or Aphrodite? You decide.

California? We don’t think so.
As with everything cool, skateboarding originated in ancient Athens.
It is common knowledge that Socrates himself used to ride a longboard down the Agora.Greece is for Lovers have the relic to prove it.

Left or right handed, a letter knife to rip through hatemail with the stealth and fury of Zeus!
Available in solid or silver–plated brass.

(Text from their website)

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