Wyller, Froystad & Klock

Playdays at Salone Satelitte: Norwegian design was well represented at Salone Satellite, and at one of the stands we found Wyller, Froystad & Klock. With vibrant colours and clean lines, they drew a lot of attention from the visitors at satellite. Happy to see Norwegian design, we obviously wanted to have a little chat with them, and the first person we met was √ėyvind Wyller. Unfortunately he just handed us a brochure and asked us to read it ourselves more or less, so, a little disappointed we turned to the girls who were much more approachable and helpful (...)

They could tell us that all three of them were from Khio (Art Academy in Oslo), the 2girls were doing their first year of a master and the guy his last of a bachelor at the school. It’s the first time they present their work at Salone Satellite, but they had some experience from the Stockholm fair. The table and lamps were all made of 100 % aluminium and the guy, who suddenly was back into the conversation again, could inform us that it therefor was easy to recycle. The surface of the aluminium is eloxated and we asked if it was of environmental concern they didnt use any lack or another type of finish, and they agreed on that. As they said that, he suddenly started thinking out loud that maybe the bath they used to eloxat wasn’t really good for the environment anyway, so…

They had all collaborated on the table called Trippel, wich have already got a lot of attention from the Norwegian press. At their stand you could also see their individual products: The Bermuda chair from Klock, the Cooper chair as well as the Eclipse Wall Lamp from Wyller and the Kimono chair from Froystad.

We leave their stand a bit confused and irritated, they obviously have some nice products that stand out in the crowd of design at Satellite, but we were just hoping for a nicer conversation, so that we could have written an even more positive article about them and how great it actually is to see good Norwegian design in Milano!

(Text by Julia, photos by Natalie)

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