'a world of folk' at salone satellite

Playdays at Salone Satelitte: This year Stavanger city in Norway has been elected to be the European capital of culture, and as a teaser to the major exhibition they will have in Stavanger in June, they had crossed the boarders and we found them at Salone Satellite. The exhibition is called a world of folk and containes a lot of different object from design and craft, furniture and tabletops, toys and textile, knits and embroideries, food and fashion, graphic and ceramic, metalwork and music.

At Salone we could see some of the examples form the coming show, and we had a nice little chat with Camilla Halverson. Only a second year student at the Norwegian academy of art (kiho), she was exhibiting her first year project, “Dean” a stool in wood.

(Text by Julia and photos by Natalie)

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