Help, i love Help

Everyone needs a little help from time to time…that is what welcomes you on the page of HELP, the company that have done what I never thought was possible; they have taken some of the ugliest pharmaceuticals products like bandage and painkillers and transformed them in to beautiful, esthetical products that is made from a 100% recycled paper and fully compostable. Their webpage is just so much fun to read, and at the same time they have a strong and important statement about ethics.

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Lasha said...

Very interesting concept these guys have going on. I like their aim towards having a healthy product with green manufacturing and simplicity of design in mind. More people should start doing this!

Julia Edin said...

I absolutely agree with you! We who are designers should take on a lot of the responsibility of making eco-friendly products….not only for the reason that that product alone can be recycled, but more important to make a statement, and inspire people to think of our environment. And you cannot inspire people with an ugly product even if it’s a 100 green.

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