A dog can make a lot of noise, but I doubt that you ever heard a dog sound like this... Dutch Sander Mulder have designed this kitsch speaker-system, adding a function to an otherwise grotesque object, that gives a professional audio studio made of two dogs!
Some might say that the dog is a man’s best friend, some audio-fanatics might say something else...why not combine?

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vinniethetsang said...

Damn, this is grotesque!! Why not combine these headless dogs with the babyhead candleholders from the earlier post?

What kind of sick people would have such things in their living room?

vinniethetsang said...

You guys should really add a "hate it" button to each post.

Julia Edin said...

haha, this is nothing to hate!! shouldnt we just make a hole collection out of this? a headless cat, bird, human?

Fred said...


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