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Unfortunately I have not been blessed with a superman body that never gets ill, quite the opposite in fact. There are no packaging’s as boring as the ones I gets my medicine in, and I would love to spice it up with these elegant and funny pill-boxes from helpineedhelp. I really think they are a great inspiration to the rest of the medical industry in how they have managed to give their products a funny, yet communicative and well-functional design, and the cream of the crop is that the boxes are made of corn resin and paper pulps so that they are compostable. Oh, and if you are board they can actually help you with that as well on their page!

To demonstrate the biodegration of their packaging you could follow the online experience on a daily basis. Sadly, at fourteen days and twenty-two minutes they were forced
to postpone the experiment in biodegrading due to an officefly infestation. It will return shortly.

If you are board I strongly recommend a visit to, where they have some pretty funny flash-illustrations to help solve your problems.

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