Vladimir Rachev

Vladimir Rachev has some really great ideas and concepts in his portfolio. Many of them are only made as models or prototypes but I really like his fun and twisted approach to product design. I really hope the ironphone will be produced, how funny is that!?! Take a look at some of his great ideas here!

Soil, is a reminder of the cultivation origins and that more and more food is produced in artificial environments. This cutlery goes back to the basis of farmer-life.

Perch stools, handmade in bluefoam and MDF models, seating arrangement for gallery, exhibitions and other public places. Design inspired by tree branch!

Switch, is a good design and a good symbol of presence, beliefs and the choices we make. The switch works as an ordinary touch sensitive switch, only that whenever one touch it the light goes brighter and brighter.

An iron and a phone have in an odd way a lot of similarities. Vladimir have made a fun mixture of them and it makes you think whether or not you would hold the ironphone with a little distance from you ear maybe..?

Stool/ floor cushion, inspire from a vintage luggage piece.

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