Recently I’ve been really fascinated by underwater photography. I’ve tried it a couple of times my self with little or no success to talk about. Knowing how difficulty it is, I have deep respect and fascination for the once that really do manage to get some great shots. Here are my collections of great underwater photography’s through times…

Alinka Echeverría’s has made a beautiful film about synchronised swimmers, filmed upside down from underwater. The film and the stills are simply gorgeous and surreal at the same time. See the film here!

Long time ago we wrote about the amazing work of Zena Holloway here at playmedesign, and she still keeps blowing us away with here great pictures.
At 18 she travelled the world working as a scuba instructor developing a passion for underwater photography and film.

And here are some vintage underwater photography’s, I’m not sure about the photographer but they sure looks good!

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jillian said...

the black and white photos are by bruce mozert--he has a book of them called silver springs that you can probably get on amazon or a similar site. i renewed it from my college library for the entirety of my ungrad career. loved it.

Julia said...

thank you jilian!! His photos are really excellent!

Jason Heller said...

Bruce Mozert is a humble class act and a true pioneer.

We interviewed him last year:

Zena's work is also awesome. Underwater photography is a very special artform.

We also host a unique galery of the top professional and amateur underwater photographer's in the world. Hope you enjoy!

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