Never Use White Type on a Black Background

We designers do have a lots of rules for does and don’ts, and although many of them actually work, I can see how some of them are simply just ridiculous. Anneloes van Gaalen has just finished the book in which she tackle all the ridiculous fashion and design rules (from Less is More to Form Follows Function). It's quite a fun little book with 51 of these rules, their history, quotes by designers and images that support, negate or illustrate the rule. Here are some spreds from the book, I recommend you to click on the picture to see it in large and read the witty text.

They book is called Never Use White "Type on a Black Background -And 50 other Ridiculous Design Rules" it´s funny and edgy, and is a perfect gift for the designer that wants a good laugh or to anyone else who want a good laugh at designers.

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