Julien De Repentigny

Last time i wrote about Julien De Repentigny is said “he scares me, he is that good”. Today I got an email from Julien, asking me to check out his latest work, and I have to say; Julien you still scare me!! His work is playful, sassy and funky at the same time as you can see the amazing amount of work behind it. His niche of using paper folded into 3d models is just a brilliant touch to his expressive designs! Take a look of some of his latest work by pressing more!
Vodka series, set design and illustration.

Helvetica 3d, package design of the Helvetica alphabet.

Mec Plus Ultra; Type illustration made out of real ice!! Looks so good and the composition is just nailing it!

Paper type series, and exploration of type illustrated with paper

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