HER from depthCore

In April the depthCORE Collective came out with their 37th exhibition, and this time it was dedicated to the feminine, entitled “HER”. Personally I think I’ve see better work on depthCore before, this time I think a lot of the designers have made banal and cliché -designs. But some of the designs stands out and are quite nice, so take a look at the collection of my favourite contributions to “Her”.

Over: Despite all this confusion beauty begs to be found by: mydeadpony
and HER: GROW WITH LILI FORBERG by: lovetherobot

i am not your cupcake by: mydeadpony

HER: FIRE WITH LILI FORBERG by: lovetherobot

underwater by: david

HER by: fake

Stalk the wolf by: mydeadpony

feedmysoul by: david

Sugar by: aeiko

Gabriel by: ishbu

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