Mouse Graphics

This is the prettiest packaging of building materials I have ever seen! Normally there is little or nothing inspiring about the big bags of cement, but Mouse graphics have gone in a new direction with their package design, and I can imagine that construction workers all over the world will thank them for it! This is only one of the many great projects in Mouse portfolio, so be sure to press more or to visit their site to check out the rest!

Lifedrops-Sarantis Chios chewing gum

Fresh juice packaging

Greek speciality dessert

Package for fish (organic sea bream)

Concept fro wine label

Poster for animal forum (theme store)

Zaboanga bar poster

Corporate brochure and packaging for Walk socks

Free pres for Greek gourmet I cook Greek

Thanks to Tine for the tip!

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Sjovn L. said...

On the cement packaging...

If my new house looks wonky I'll know why now.

Also I wonder if all that graphics will increase the price of cement? Not very eco-friendly too.

Anonymous said...

Wearing a plain white safety helmet is enough to be the laughing stock among construction workers, never mind this candy-a$$ packaging.

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