J Fletcher

The other day I got an email from J Fletcher, a designer from Charleston South Carolina. He actually seemed a bit preoccupied saying: ”As if I don't already have enough blogs bookmarked to check every day. Now I've stumbled across your site and have to add another one to the list!” Well, I hope you check it today as well Fletcher, cause I though it would be a good idea to show off your work! I love the way J Fletcher uses colours in his illustrations and design, and how he managed to balance between a modern look with retro elements.

Shine restaurant:

Charleston Fashion Week:

Charleston harbor fest:

East coast canoe and kayak festival:

SND annual:

Elton John:

Lights out:

Bottling holy water:

Sea Captain:

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Anonymous said...

really nice work!!!!!
nothing overthetop shuvvenizm

like the sailor, reminds me of a famous icelandic painter Gunnlaugur Scheving who in the 50's to the 70's had many sailor paintings in similar style

kudim said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loving his work! Great post

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