Sebastian Jansson

This might come of as a little bit harsh, but the thing is that I saw these furnitures at Salone Satellite witch I kind of thought was worth showing to you. So I went to talk to designer and ended up getting a press kit. And I really did have the intention to write something good about these furnitures, but when I opened the press kit I just started laughing of this tacky image. So the reason to why I am showing you these designs from Sebastian Jansson is kind of mixed, but here they are anyway!

I really like these chairs, but I don’t know about the butt.


TEMPUS utensils

The designer himself! I am swear I’m not trying to be mean, its just that this comes of a little to bit to hip-hop/ rock-star for me.. But hey, the designs are great and Sebastian looks like a handsome guy!

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Konstantin Grcic said...

we all know where the inspiration come from:

E said...

Very tacky, indeed. Are all designers supposed to be this badass?

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