Robbie Powell

Robbie Powell recently graduated from Think College Of Design in Sydney, and he has some really nice work in his portfolio of Communication Design. His design is clean and expressive and although he is from Australia, it almost looks like his style is a bit Scandinavian. His work comes across as simple ideas executed in a really cool way, making the design come together as a brilliant whole. Take a look at some of his project here…

Personally I must say I really love this design created by Robbie Powell and Felix Lobelius. Business cards can be so overdone or fancy, but here they have managed to create a clean and fresh design hand stamping each business cards and the use stickers with contact info.

Design for the debut record of the Australian post-hardcore band Gallucci. Throughout their record they capture the moment, the energy and extreme nature of a live show, and that is exactly what Robbie Powell has captured in this design.

Design for The New York City Coffee Co.
The logo itself comes from the idea of your golden cup of coffee.
That perfect golden circle you drink from in the early hours of the
morning. It also leave’s room for the staff of the shop to write your
blend’s, coffee order and food order’s.

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