Paint My House

The 25th of February one of the most significant church in Norway, Nidaros Cathedral was transformed from a Romanesque and gothic cathedral into a canvas of modern art! Paint my house had invited artist form all over Europe to project their art, designs and illustrations directly on the facade of Nidarosdomen. Here are some pics from the event, a big thanks to Ståle from Uredd form giving me the tip!

Over: Aleksander Bro Arntsen (Uredd-Collective) and Knut Erik + (O)verjord (Uredd-Collective)

Thomas Naumann

Mr. Adolfito

Ingvild Tofte

Anne Guro Larsmon

Gaute Busch (Uredd-Collective)

Anne Grefstad

Stale Gerhardsen (Uredd-Collective)

More pics and more about Paint my house here!

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