Hot Radiator Designs

It is still freezing here in Norway; and I am seriously getting tired of all the snow. Wishing and dreaming of warmth and summer, I discovered this “hot design” from the italian company Hellos. They have taken the traditional radiator and transformed it into many different, and very creative, versions. Normally the radiator is hidden away behind a couch, under the window or behind curtains, but now its time to let the radiator get its glory, and not only have a warming function but a decorative one as well. Press more to see the amazing designs.

Daisy; radiator in casted aluminium. Compleatly customizable in colour and shape. Design by Hellos and GA

Arabesque; Stainless steel tubes transformed into an elegant radiator. Design by Ron Arad

Flat; Inspired by the flat-screens that decorates out homes now adays, this radiator is use slim-technology. Design by Jacar

Klobs; a series of flexible, rotatable hot bubbles. Design by Karim Rashid.

Square; sectional radiator which allows you to create an infinity of shapes and combinations. Design by Hellos.

Pa.Zol; Puzzle together your radiator! Design by Luciana Si Virgillio.

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