Chocolate Designs!

Second up is something I have been thinking about for a while… I just simply love chocolate, and lately I have seen a lot of really nice chocolate packaging’s. So here is the list of some chocolate designs I find to be both interesting and appetizing …

Chocolate pyramid with 3 pieces of different chocolate inside. The design made by Nikolas Lerakis is aimed for men and plays off on the French expression: « eat your emotions » (meaning eating to compensate for your suffering).

Chocolove is a not only an organic chocolate but its also a love statement. The package design resembles a love letter sent from a distant land, and inside each wrapper - a classic romantic poem. Who wouldn’t melt for that?
Via the Dieline

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out much information about this nice packaging for Lindt chocolate other than its supposed to been designed by student Michael Seitz. Via Portfolio Center

Danish Summerbird does not only have a lot of flavours to offer, but many packaging’s as well . One of the strangest ones being the chocolate-sushi kit with gnashes and balsamic for you to dip you chocolate in… Or what about chocolate in a tube or a glass?

Choclatea is bars of chocolate with sublime tastes of aromatic tea. Nothing is as good as a big hot cup of tea on a cold day specially not if it comes whit a bite of chocolate with it. Not only does the flavour combination seem interesting, but the packaging looks really good as well! Via The dieline

Tokyo's 100% Chocolate Cafe can offer you over 56 types of different chocolates, even cheese and black pepper chocolates. They also serve chocolate drinks, chocolate pastries, chocolate ice cream, and even chocolate sandwiches. Their package’s seem to have been inspired by pantone colours and are clean, fresh and modern.Via The Dieline

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