The Norwegian Gift & Interior trade

Though I have been to a lot of furniture fairs, I have actually never been to one in my home country, but yesterday I got my hands on a ticket to the Gift & Interior trade in Lillestrøm, Norway…. The experience was somewhat a mix of good and bad products. The bad, being way to many commercial exhibitors with products in the “shabby chic” style. The good being the pecha kucha presentations and the exhibition Design fra nord /Design from north. I must say that I really do believe that in order for Norwegian design to be placed on the map, these types of fair need to focus more on fresh, edgy designs and less on things you can buy going to any furniture store in Oslo City. Here are some of my pictures from the fair, and in the next couple of post I will present some of the really great products I discovered there.

Shabby Chic store...

Shabby chic bird cages....

Shabby chic (but in a nice way..) from Sagen Vintage Design

Decor wires in diffrent colours.

div. decor and gift papers

Pecha Kucha designer Lotte Karlsen

Pecha Kucha designer So Takahashi

Design fra nord:So Takahashi

Design fra nord:Northerns Lightning

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