Moustaches mania

Some trends are just simply stranger than others, and one of the trendiest thing right now seems to be moustaches. Why? I have no idea, but thank God its with a touch of irony to it, and not necessarily as facial hear, but more as decorative element on designs. And no, I am not talking about the small strict moustaches, but more the Tom Selleck style, big and curly. Here I have gathered some different designs with moustaches as the key element. Take a look…
Over you can see the hood that will not only keep your head warm during the winter but your moustache and your beard as well. Designed by Vik Prjónsdóttir

2 Mustache Rocks Glasses from BreadandBadger's:

Nothings like a big soft mustache you can hug with… what about a plush mustache from Shawnimals?

Decorat your self with a moustache necklase or ring from Tatty Devine.

Light up your room with the lamp 'Je m'appelle moustache' from Katrin Greiling

A moustache to keep track of you keys from benfloeter

Try out your own moustache with the Moustache Disguise handmade in felt from Lupin

Or simply just a 'Pommade Hongroise" (wax) to curl your own moustaches ?

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