Beyond Black & White: Colorizing Your Office Space With Herman Miller

Have you noticed how many office spaces out there are bland and generic-looking? Considering how much time we all spend sitting in front of a computer, punching numbers, printing TPS reports and the like - a nice work space shouldn't be a luxury - it should be a requirement! Herman Miller, a leader in contemporary office furniture for nearly 85 years, has plenty of stylish and colorful pieces that are sure to boost productivity (and class the place up a bit). Here are some favorites:

Eames Desk Unit
Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1952, the Eames Desk Unit is perfect for both the home office and the contemporary corporate office space. With it's wonderful display of Cubist form, beautiful birch wood finish, and primary color splashes, the Eames Desk is a design masterpiece!

Caper Task Chair
Jeff Weber designed this versatile chair with office common areas in mind. Conference and training rooms need to be just as comfortable as an individual's work space. Lightweight and very mobile, the Caper Task Chair is ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort and it's available in fun colors like Salsa Red and Baltic Blue.

Colorful Office Accessories
It's OK if you want to take a more subdued approach to your office decor - there's nothing wrong with that at all. Made from eco-friendly recycled materials, the Aeron Chair provides state-of-the-art ergonomic support and it comes in a nice neutral color palette. Why not add a tiny splash of color with some stylish office accessories?

Leaf Personal Light: Designed by Yves Behar, the eco-friendly Leaf Personal Light is uber-modern and available in a gorgeous bright red (also in white & silver)! This LED office light will brighten up your space - literally!

Eames Hang-It-All Rack: Another creation from Charles & Ray Eames, the Hang-It-All Rack piece was designed in the early 1950s and features, bright, colorful hooks to hang your coats, hats or even a spare suit jacket for that surprise meeting. Durable and stylish, the frame is made from strong welded steel and the hooks made from maple. You won't want to hide this guy behind your door!

I'm not saying that your office needs to be a Dr. Seuss-inspired wonderland, but a little color here and there is a great way to inspire office creativity and productivity.

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