Although it might be cold and dark up in the north of Norway, that doesn’t mean there is any less creativity. In fact in the city of Bodø you can find an event and design bureau called Kreoteket. Not only do they have some good designs and events in their portfolio, but they recently launched their new webpage’s with some really cool and fun illustration. Take a look…

This is just the beginning of a project that will evolve around all the festivals in Norway.

iBODØ Magasinet, a magazine about the city of Bodø

Graphic design profile for Nobur

Graphic design profile for Vågønes kindergarden

Graphic design print, questioner for Småtinget

Web deisgn for Fashhh

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Vincent said...

Jeg har ikke sånn diggekonto og gidder ikke å registrere meg for å få det heller.

Føler imidlertid et sterkt behov for å gi uttrykk for at jeg digger dette her, so here goes:

Æ digg it!!

Ståle said...

haha. SILJE!! hurra!

Julia said...

verden er liten... alle kjenner Silje eller?

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