Beautiful brooches from Ane Haugen

Not to long ago I was exhibiting at an exhibition in Oslo, and it was there I noticed the work of Ane Haugen . She is a Norwegian girl who moved to England to live out here dream of taking a BA in metal and jewellery. Now she has started on here post-graduate training workshops for silversmiths and jewellers, and she has made some really beautiful brooches...

The brooches are made with a mirroring effect to reveal colourful gemstones within. They are all made of precious white metal and plated with either rhodium or gold that creates an even greater colour contrast with the coloured stones.

Ane explains: “I make brooches because I feel they are independent pieces of jewellery. They can be small or large in size. They have their own personality and I feel there are very few boundaries in creating a brooch which gives me the chance to make experimental work. But one very important aspect to me is that they are placed close to the heart. They can be interpreted as emblems of protection that also gives strength to the wearer”

I really love this work, and cant wait for Ane to show us the new collection she is working on!

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