Sos- Save Our Souls

Looking at a picture, listening to a song, you may try to find out what the artist is trying to express. But a personal opinion is not that common in a product design. Some who really have made a statement with their designs is the Swedish design group Save Our Souls (sos). The group was founded in 2005, a year marked by tsunamis, bombing and clashing of culture. And their way to deal with this was through their first collection of products, all with inspiration from the weather.

With the 3 collections FFFOK (Fucking far form ok), Weather and Light flashes they made some really funky designs that are colourful, playful and bold at the same time as it makes us remember the catastrophes.

Drops, in black glass. Tear-drops or maybe rain-drops?

Now also in two new funky colours; juicy red and crispy white

Dark Clouds; made of plastic and sunsheld film

Heavy Rain wallpaper

Lightening shelf, made in sheet metal

Explotion table, glass and tubuar steel

Tubular lights


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