Today I’m going to give you 2 posts, both about the same material: Concrete! First of is my own work, and an explanation to why I want more designers to work with concrete. Last year I wanted to challenge my self why I was still at school and when the teacher asked us to make a self supported sculpture/product in on single material, with a base of 30x30 cm and minimum height 2 meter, I, somehow ended up choosing concrete. The result was a 120 kg lamp, called Twilight!

Concrete is a really cheap material, and I really do think its aesthetical value is highly under-appreciated. Yes, the texture is hard and cold but you can basically shape it into any form you like, you can give it texture by choosing different materials for your casting box.

When it comes down to it, concrete is nothing but sand and water so why not be a bit childish and play with sand again?

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