The bold and sexy Rubens Chairs!

Frank Willems is obviously tired of minimalism and slime and skinny chairs. With his Rubens collection he have used old mattresses to create this sexy, cubby chairs! In a recycling society as we have to day, the mattresses are actually one of the hardest ting to recycle, and that gave Frank Willems the perfect material to create a hole new product; by folding the mattresses a comfortable seat arises. Placed on legs made form disposed stools, Madam Rubens appears as a big, soft and funky chair with some really hot legs!

As the name suggest the form of the chairs was inspired by the buxom women in the Ruben-paintings.

The chairs are colourful and fresh, the design is bold and innovative and not to mention totally rejuvenated.

In the collection you find Madam Rubens, the Rubens chair and pouf, plus de Madam Rubens and Petit Pouf!

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