Rapid prototype jewelry

And while we are at it, let me show you some more works from Nervous system. They create experimental jewelry, combining nontraditional materials like silicone rubber and stainless steel with rapid prototyping methods. Over you can see Radiolaria, a lace-like structures cut from silicone rubber and etched out of stainless steel, and if you press more you can see more amazing jewels…

Radiolaria Brooch, A large, bold and highly intricate brooch featuring complex meshwork of hexagons. The thinness of the lines give the piece an ethereal quality while creating a durable and lasting piece.

Dendrite, Stainless steel is cut into delicate forms inspired by the aggregate growth of coral.

Full Moon Series (Gold)

Fan/pendant, a pendant that transforms into a fan.

Lamina, orchide necklace

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