Since I'm norwegian, of course news from my home country is always great- espescially when they are made of young talented designers- and even better if the design is great, too! These three new lamps from Northern lighting, are refreshing and fun- just how we like it here on our blog.

Scheisse is a large pendant lamp. The lamp pays its respect to the traditional incandescent light bulb, which with its warm light and good color reflection has given light to our households for so many years. The classic light bulb is one of Man’s most important inventions. Unfortunately this bulb is ineffective, which creates challenges in our threatened environment. Scheisse is a blend of art and industrial design, an experiment with light and shadow as well as positive and negative shapes. Scheisse creates a distinct shadow and sculpture in its environment. Wherever placed, Scheisse will hopefully stand out as a true icon for all light lovers.


Butterfly is a small wall lamp designed in 1964 for Høvik Lys and later produced by Arnold Vik, Norway. In 2008 Northern Lighting decided to relaunch this Norwegian design treasure. Its uniquness lies in the combination of simplicity of form and its well preserved indirect method of exposing light, creating a bright and yet warm atmosphere. It looks simple, but is elegant and decorative as a single item, and is even more so when several are combined in vertical or horizontal groups.


Moo is a full scale wall-mounted Norwegian light moose head. Moo may be used both for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. The figuratively shaped lamp body is made of poly-resin material, which gives a smooth and transparent flow of light. The bulbs placed inside the horns add an extra element of soft, sparkling and translucent light effect to the lamp.
The inspiration behind the Moo lamp was found in northern Norway, –in the breathtaking scenery of Hamarøy, where both of the designers have summer houses. Here the moose is frequently seen passing close to the houses and even over the lawns. The designers hope Moo will stand out as a post-modern kitch trophy, making the viewer smile happily as they recognize this “king of the Norwegian forest”.

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