Mistake the Beautiful by Bryan Dalton

Last year Bryan Daltons gif “mean streets” circled around the web, and now I think it is time for a update on Mr. Daltons work! On his page, Mistake the Beautiful ,it says that he produces art direction and graphic design… and maybe that is the closest we can get to define his work. Personally I have no idea how to describe what this is, other that some really nice and fun stuff! So press more to see check it out!

Blue Jean Baby 2008
Tiny dancer in Cari's hand...Collaboration with Ben, Cari, and Gavin for SweetGifs.

Mean Streets 2007
It's a long way to the top...Submission to SweetGifs.

Hippy Shit 2008
This is not a re-enactment, this really happened...collaboration w/ Alex Harris.

Casual 2008
She might be with him, but she's thinking 'bout me.

Too Close
Cuz it's real, real slow...money shot for Montgomery Ward 1991 Summer Collection Catalog.

Cool Kids
Cool kids live forever...birthday present.

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