Gina- the flexible car!

A lot of designers are really into cars. I am not one of them. But when our good friend Sigmund send us the link to Gina, even I hade to be fascinated. BMW ask the question “what do we need the skin of the car for? Does it have to be in metal?”, and their answer is a complete revulsion within car design; Flexibility! Instead of metal they have made a skin of a textile fabric that’s pulled taut around a frame of metal and carbon fiber wires.

Even the shape of the car can change with this new material, and it looks to me as the cars in Transformers are not just living on the screen anymore…

Gina looks a bit like an animal, opening its eyes in the morning, but instead it’s the front lights opening up. And they don’t even have to be open for that matter, the rear lights just shine through the skin:

Via 37 signals

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