Fresh Icelandic design on Birkiland!

Birkiland is a new design-website I just love! Their goal is to introduce, sell and support Icelandic design, and I have to say that they have some really good products. We have heard the labels “Scandinavian design” and “Made in Italy”(just to mention a few of the design labels), but how come Icelandic design doesn’t have a stronger name within Design? After all they have some pretty cool stuff to show of on Birkiland! The products are innovative, modern, fun and untraditional, and I will show you some of them here….

Áhöld / Utensils by Soley Thorisdottir
Soley's final project from the Icelandic Academy of Arts is all about finding new ways of using existing ways of manufacturing to create something new that is true to its origin but at the same time a brand new product.

Hoch die tasse, made from second hand cups, by Hrafnkell Birgisson

Fall flowers, stickers for the window, by Tinna Gunnarsdottir

reSTORE by Bjorg Juto and Anna Thorunn Hauksdottir
These objects used to serve another purpose. In it’s present role they will hopefully make rediscover and rethink your surroundings. It’s future lies with you. Each restore object is unique and handmade.

Raven, a coat hanger, by Ingibjorg Hanna Bjarnadottir

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